People, fucked translation is our opium, let’s smoke it while we can

Various posts here have been devoted to encouraging fucked translation from Spanish as a brand differentiator, where linguistic sloth and incompetence transmit a sensation of cultural authenticity and other stuff I’m afraid I can’t remember, and don’t particularly care to. For I suspect that most of you care very little for all that crap, and…

Esperi el seu torn: Wait his turn

If I’d had less Campari, or rather if Campari were less toxic, I’d point you to a profusion of posts re the mistranslation of possessive pronouns in Romance languages, occasioned by confusing the third person with the polite second person form – su, or in this case el seu: Since there is no stopping this…

La lengua secreta de los cazadores

–¿Cómo se llama un cerdo silvestre que acaba de salir del bosque? –¡Jaballí! Not one of mine. If you prefer your animal tame and stuffed, Lenox has a bull’s head for you. I almost acquired one from a bar that was closing down, but there were parasites crawling out of its orifices.

Interchangeability of nominative and genitive forms of Spanish patronymics?

I’m thinking of examples like Álvarez/Álvaro, Alves/ Alves, Benítez/Benito, Díaz/Diego, Domínguez/Domingo, Fernández/Fernando, Giménez/Ximeno, Gómez/Guillermo, González/Gonzalo, Gutiérrez/Gutierre, Henríquez/Henrique, Ibáñez/Juan, Juánez/Juan, López/Lope, Márquez/Marco, Martínez/Martín, Menéndez/Menendo, Muñoz/Muño, Núñez/Nuño, Ordóñez/Ordoño, Ortiz/Ortún, Peláez/Pelayo, Pérez/Pere, Ramírez/Ramiro, Rodríguez/Rodrigo, Ruiz/Ruy, Sánchez/Sancho, Suárez/Suero, Vázquez/Vasco, Velázquez/Velasco.

Is Spain a massive nihilist literary experiment?

Lenox comments on Almería’s latest tourism whizz: the incomprehensible in pursuit of the inexistent, perhaps. For some reason this recalled Milorad Pavić’s Dictionary of the Khazars, a wearisome metaphor for the failure of Serbia, which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend – I can’t even remember whether I was given the male or the female edition. Some…

Vitoria, golfing Mecca, or Golgotha of the ecologists/indignados?

Carlos links to an interesting story about the sodomy committed on Vitoria’s new slogan by some no doubt well-paid functionary, “donde el verde es capital” becoming, word for word, “where the green is capital.” I think we can all agree that, in a miserable start to their meaningless year as European Green Capital, they have…

Project blog feed and site have changed address

The project blog feed on oreneta will be dying shortly, so please update to the feed of the official site. There’s a 301 redirect, but you may also wish to change bookmarks for the project blog to Now at some stage I need to fix the template!