Fahrenheit 451

Why’s the Spanish translation not called “Celsius 233”? Because its perceived market consists not of book-devouring hermits who care about the relationship between title and text, but of exhibitionists in search of accessories symbolising of culture and modernity? Why worry about book-burning when no one reads the damn things anyway?

Introducing the (Barcelona) budget booze base

Following discussions with Tom, and in solidarity with a certain Liverpudlian pub-crawl entrepreneur, currently in hiding, here’s version 1. Like I say, I’ll do a proper results page somewhen. Any abuse will be dealt with by my learned friends Hieronymus Bosch & Epigones.
We've never had it so good: the plain people of Spain out last night celebrating the rescue package AND the launch of the budget booze base. (Via JCS)

For a change, some German eurosceptic ranters

Hypothesis: Spanish is easier than German, economics 101 appears easier than politics, and so the political problem of Germany’s role in Europe has, curiously, become a story about some blocks of flats in Valencia. And, since most of the English-language press can’t read Spanish either, they end up looking for solutions in the mantras of some cuddly American economist.