If colonial Spain was led by Don Quixote and post-colonial Spain by Sancho Panza, who’s in charge now?

Donkey Xote aka Rucio to the charge, sez Candide.

Donkey Xote aka Rucio to the charge, sez Candide.

“Before [1898], without a doubt, it was quixotic country, which thought of itself differently from what it really was,” Baroja wrote in 1927. “Before, in the period of adventures, Spain was led by Don Quixote. From now on, it would be directed by Sancho Panza.” (Via learned.english.dog, source?)

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  1. Re a: Enough of fighting our grandfather’s wars, even enougher of being treated like most of them. Upgrading to lions is for sissies.

    Re b: Right click on photo, goto one of the sizes offered. Right click again, download as html, extract photo from folder. That’s stealing, so by definition it’s for free.

    PS: I see el Primo is spooking again. He can use a mirror.

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