Sinn Fein-IRA joke

You heard it here first – unless you’re familiar with the early 20th century Spanish gypsy repertoire.

Gerry Adams nips into the confessional incognito, but the priest smells a rat and asks if he knows the Commandments of the Law of God. “Jesus, Father,” says Gerry, “I was going to study them, but Tony Blair promised he’d have all that shite repealed.”

Since Blair handed the Province over to the paramilitaries on condition they’d calm down a bit, since the outflow of all those who can read and write continues, and since the only credible opposition now is a heroically nutty Chinese Taoist woman, I’d have expected to hear more original humour. I obviously don’t meet the right people.

The original:

El gitano se fue a confesar; pero el cura, precavido, comenzó por preguntarle si sabia los mandamientos de la ley de Dios. A lo que el gitano respondió: Misté, padre; yo loh iba a aprendé; pero he oido un runrún de que loh iban a quitá.

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