Ready! (Aim!) Fire!

“Hundreds of police officers, backed by armored vehicles, stormed a lawless southern village on Monday after people suspected of growing marijuana fired rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and machine guns at officers during a drug raid. The police said no one was hurt in the clash in and around Lazarat.” Everyone except the police seems to have known about this for years, so I guess it was a case of “you pretend to resist and we’ll pretend to burn your plantations.” I liked this video – summary in the description – but there are lots more:

Albania has always intrigued. I know a little bit about the Greek side of the border and a friend became something of an expert in Enver Hoxha’s defence systems – rather less frightening than le peuple. But I’d probably end up “missing” somewhere in a ravine, like the walking father of another friend.

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