On cycling in London after an absence of some years

  1. Everyone now has a cute little helmet.
  2. Drunken pedallers are now frowned upon.
  3. Behaving like a sociopathic arsehole in other respects remains de rigueur.

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    1. looby
      April 26th 2015 11:37

      Don’t forget the little cameras now, turned off when convenient. Filmer, film thyself!

    2. Trebots
      April 27th 2015 10:39

      Let me try and explain to people who don’t cycle what getting onto a bike does to one.

      You yourself suffer the same aggressive delusion when you arrive at your Ryanair destination (probably Reus) and elbow your way to your luggage and down the aisle and tear off the plane and through ID control like there’s your limo waiting to speed you to your sellout gig at Madison Square Garden, or to your takeover of Santander.

      It’s not your fault. Technology has made you an arsehole.

    3. looby
      April 27th 2015 13:35

      Following the arsehole-shaped thread drift, here’s another excellent article from anthropologist David Graeber about the uselessness of most work.

    4. Trebots
      April 27th 2015 14:20

      Someone should have mentioned that discreetly to George Browne / Young Tiger:

      I’ve got those unemployment compensation
      “What was your last occupation?” blues.
      I’ve got those “How much money did you earn?
      Stand in line and wait your turn” blues.
      They make me feel I’m committing a sin,
      To get back part of what I paid in.
      I’ve got those “Have you had an interview?
      Come back in a week or two” blues.

      I’ve got those unemployment compensation
      “Please fill out an application” blues.
      I’ve got those “State your weekly minimum.
      You don’t wanna work, you bum” blues.
      And when I’m through with my weekly routine,
      I spend my money on Benzedrine.
      I’ve got those “By the time I get my check,
      I become a nervous wreck” blues.

      I’ve got those unemployment compensation
      “It ain’t worth the aggravation” blues.
      I’ve got those “Won’t you wait? Just have a chair.
      Nothin’ in my Frigidaire” blues.
      I’m tired of feelin’ like a jerk.
      All I want is a chance to work,
      And lose those out-of-work humiliation
      Unemployment compensation blues.

    5. Trebots
      April 27th 2015 16:35

      Jerry Silverman and Barbara Dane credit it to the TV writer Les Pine in the 40s.

    6. Tom
      April 28th 2015 12:41

      Looby’s link is excellent. I’ve never really got this BS about the ‘dignity’ of work but I’m happy that I’m allowed to do something almost useless, certainly in macro terms, which allows me to pay for my apartment/wine/dog.

    7. Trebots
      April 28th 2015 16:07

      I’ve spent quite a lot of my life doing what I’d have probably wanted to do anyway, but I struggle to think of anything remotely useful about it. There’s really nothing good anyone could say about me.

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