A beautiful, venomous phrase

But Spain’s new nepotism is actually rather good.

Ana I. Gracia: “Dos años después, Rivera es un factor determinante en las elecciones y tanto convenció a alguno de sus interlocutores que el hijo de Núñez Morgades está en las listas de Ciudadanos a la Comunidad.

The process by which Ciudadanos is cannibalising moderate elements in the PP and PSOE, while Podemos gobbles up the PSOE left and washes it down with IU’s alphabet soup, is however infinitely preferable to Britain, stuck with the monstrously decadent Labour and Conservative parties because of first-past-the-post. The Greens are an imaginative and interesting variant of the former, and Ukip are the natural successors of the latter, but the electoral system means there will be no democratic regeneration.

I hope to see a former commenter here in C’s’s lists for 24M, but I suspect that that’s not his game – and he probably hasn’t got time.

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  1. I’m not sure that there’s any reason to believe that Cs will do much better than UPyD in the long run, except for Rivera not being as scary-looking as Díez. They’re proposing a sensible reboot of the autonomo payment system but unfortunately want to pay for that with incredibly regressive tax policies.

    Incidentally, the most horrifying result: a grand coalition of PP/PSOE, still remains a distinct possibility. It would be disastrous for Spain but the two dinosaurs may see it as necessary.

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