Kill the vibe

Unlike the Labour Party, which is still largely in blame-the-voters mode, the Evil Empire does seem to be thinking vaguely about UKIP, but there’s a word in the leaked European Commission migration doc which predicts the doom of any initiative thence:

The EU must continue to offer protection to those in need. It must also recognise that the skills needed for a vibrant economy cannot always immediately be found inside the EU labour market or will take time to develop.

OK, there’s a twerk in the chart’s tail:

But vibrant is a zombie marker, a punch-em-in-the-mouth-and-flee-ism.

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  1. I agree with the vibrant point you’ve made. But the first point is automatically rendered null and void because of the Spiked link. They (RCP) are worse than the BNP, IMO.

  2. I find them amusing but I do worry that anyone would take them seriously. And while the RCP is formally disbanded, they’ve at times made it clear that their final strategy was to occupy positions of influence and use them to continue pushing an ultra-libertarian agenda. Which seems to be what they’re doing.

    It is brilliantly mind bending stuff, though. They clearly relish publishing stories about how voting UKIP is better than voting Labour, or how protests are fascistic, or how highly-educated elite metropolitan columnists are ‘trying to tell people what to think and who to vote for’ (which is about as accurate a description of spiked online as I can think of).

  3. They’re certainly a beacon for ex-Labour voters, but I’m trying to figure how the RCP-UKIP transition went – it’s not just an age thing – and why Rod Liddle isn’t writing for them.

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