Record label name not invented by a Dutch speaker

Of tumba, of Ben of that manor, of grunting, and of dynamiting fish.


Thailand. Image: Jovie Havard. – click through to the English if you dare.

I was looking for Ben sa Tumba, which might originally have been something like Ben y su Tumba, of which genre I used to know kings and queens and princes and princesses on Bonaire, a small island in the Dutch Caribbean:

Papiamentu is easy if you speak Spanish, but learning it has become less attractive now the law on dynamiting fish is enforced.

Kutmuziek says our Ben performed in the 1960s as Ben Bakrim, and Ben & ses Tropical Rhythm Kings sounds the same. I like particularly the way he outgrunts Pérez Prado on Le paradis pour toi / El paraíso para ti / Paradise for you:

Someone else must have noticed before that the only fruit of love is the banana:

But I still don’t know who he was.

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