She’s got me by the balls

Castration is still legitimate justification for the cancellation of a marriage in Iran. But is there any restriction on DIY? “Khomeini concludes that a man may have intercourse with a girl under nine years old and divorce her without restriction,” so it would seem most unfair if that exit route were precluded.

Danton having a laugh with the gaoler before his execution: “Si je laissais mes couilles à Robespierre et mes jambes à Couthon, ça pourrait aller encore quelque temps au Comité de salut public.” Couthon’s legs were useless by then; Robespierre’s bollocks are something of a mystery:

Assertions about Robespierre’s intimate life have varied wildly. He has been accused of both having no capacity for sexual intimacy and of having at least one mistress, of being both physically repellent and yet very attractive to women, of being both emotionally cold and of writing mawkish love poems. Indeed, one psychoanalytical reading has cast him as a narcissistic ascetic, whose selfidentification with the Revolution was a classic case of Freudian “displaced libido.”

The psychoanalyst Jean Artarit is at an extreme, offering the insight that Robespierre’s misspelling in an electoral pamphlet of a shoemaker’s name Lantillette as Languillette (“baby eel”) shows a longing to cut off the penis. For Robespierre was apparently a repressed homosexual with a castration complex, a misogynist and pathological narcissist constantly searching for a good father and an all-powerful mother.


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Georges Couthon (1): Georges Auguste Couthon was a French politician and lawyer known for his service as a deputy in the Legislative Assembly during the French Revolution.

Georges Danton (1): Georges Jacques Danton was a leading figure in the early stages of the French Revolution, in particular as the first president of the Committee of Public Safety.

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Maximilien Robespierre (1): Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre was a French lawyer and politician, as well as one of the best known and most influential figures associated with the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror.

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