Nicht Offenbach, sondern Offenekloake

U.S. troops inspect an open sewer in Baghdad, 2009.

U.S. troops inspect an open sewer in Baghdad, 2009. Image: Staff Sgt. James Selesnick.

Explanation: These lovely folks, who unfortunately make some boring old men’s heads and bowels explode with fear and vergüenza ajena/sympathetic shame, have as one of their emotistraps the alleged Beethovenism re Bach, “Not a brook but an ocean.”

The sea is so boring. Imagine the success Charles Trenet might have had with the following if only he’d called it “L’océan”:

Be water, my friend, or be a dog, but everyone knows the one about Bach (woof!) and Offenbach (woof! woof! woof!), so it won’t be repeated here.

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