The death of god, by Arthur Loesser

Can He still be sued?

Men, Women, and Pianos: A Social History: The import of Kepler’s, Galilei’s, and Newton’s tremendous mathematically implemented generalizations had sunk into many persons’ consciousness, and it was difficult for them any longer to picture the world as ruled by the wanton proddings of a super-Human residing a few miles above the highest hill.


LOS ANGELES, [May 1969].-A woman secretary has filed a $US100,000 … damage suit against God for “careless and negligent” control of the weather.


Plaintiff is informed and believes that defendant (God) at all times mentioned herein is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Universe, including the weather in and upon the State of Arizona, and that on or about August 17, 1960, defendant so maintained and controlled the weather, in, around and upon Phoenix, in such careless and negligent manner as to cause lightning to strike the plaintiff’s house, setting it on fire and startling, frightening and shocking the plaintiff.

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