A new translation of Joan Maragall’s poem about the anarchist bombing of the Barcelona Opera in 1893, and a limerick by the monkey.

A demon hands a terrorist an Orsini bomb, on Gaudí's Sagrada Familia.

Gaudí Sands, a retro slave colony?

Gaudí’s work was financed from the fortune built upon Joan Güell’s Cuban slave empire, so if Eurovegas is going to come to the marshes of the Llobregat, what more appropriate way to staff it than by shackling and transporting some of the tens of thousands of locally unemployed Africans?

¿Dónde está la Perrera de Gaudí?

Some Andalusians overheard this afternoon seemed to believe that Casa Milà was built as the municipal dogs’ home. Other famous landmarks–Parky Gay, Sangria Familia, Sangrada Familia, Passage Gracias–here.

Indisputable proof that Gaudi was Portuguese

Sez our foreign correspondent of Bar Agujas d’Ouro in Estremoz, Portugal. Its radical eclecticism picknmixery suggests the architect may have mistakenly interpreted the lack of aesthetic coordination in many cathedrals and other large, old, respectable buildings as the result of a synchronic design choice rather than the typical diachronic process in which committees regret the…

In praise of virtual travel writing

Nice story here about underpaid author Thomas Kohnstamm, who wrote his Lonely planet guide without going to Columbia. (Or did he go there and have to deal coke to survive? LD is characteristically confused.) Guidebooks are so superficial, and information online so plentiful, that there’s actually no reason now why they shouldn’t be written from…