Don’t take shit from phoney idealists.

Nunca digas nunca Hamas

A pun on Never say never again on Gracia’s only SWP bodega (one of the proprietors claims to have known Yigael Gluckstein) may be suggesting that may be no imminent solution to the problem of bearded nutters rocketing their neighbours and then moaning about the response. In other graffiti today, the anarchist nutters in the…

Flyposting his way out of the recession

Neocon ex-blogger Joan Txàpal is apparently befouling the walls of his neighbourhood in imitation of the squatter scum he so claimed to loathe. The cops should crack down (pepper spray, taser, TV3) without delay on this illegitimate privatisation of public space. (Photo: JD. Next up: smoking his way out of the recession)

Mapfumo on the rocks

Global warming is a reality in Gracia, where the guy at Bar Musical Zimbabwe has included a sun setting behind a desert island (I always thought Zimbabwe was land-locked) on his storefront sign. Despite claims to the contrary, Zimbabwean “traditional” music styles are just as un-proto-democratic as is the Ampurdan dance, the sardana. However, like…