Flyposting his way out of the recession

Neocon ex-blogger Joan Txàpal is apparently befouling the walls of his neighbourhood in imitation of the squatter scum he so claimed to loathe. The cops should crack down (pepper spray, taser, TV3) without delay on this illegitimate privatisation of public space. (Photo: JD. Next up: smoking his way out of the recession)

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  1. Get this. Some punk has been going round the barrio putting up posters for his weirdo website. Back home we have laws aginst this kind of perverted vandalism. If the Cataloony Commies weren’t in charge, Mr FreakyWorld would already have his ass in the Barcelona jailhouse. Go cops go!

  2. This kind of publicity is totally unnecessary in a democracy. Typical progre cataloony punks. I bet they are “anti-sistema” fruitcakes. Smash them!

  3. On the grounds that all publicity is good publicity, and in line with his record, I suppose we should be calling for John Chappell to be hung.

  4. Most illegal posting is actually carried out on behalf of organisations belonging to or receiving subsidies from the city or the regional government, so it’s good to see a bit of private enterprise.

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