Edward Jones

Birth Name Jones, Edward
Gramps ID I0033
Gender male
Age at Death between 45 years, 6 months, 1 day and 47 years, 6 months


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0046] between 1799 and 1800     1a
Religion [E0869]     None. 2
Occupation [E0940] 1841 8 Regent Terrace, Glossop Road, Sheffield, West Riding, Yorkshire Draper. Speculative: circumstantial evidence: Edward dies in Sheffield in 1846; Simon & Grace Jones presumably in Sheffield in 1841, and Simon was a draper. 3a
Death [E0047] 7/1846 Sheffield, West Riding, Yorkshire Does Simon Jones (Bala) stay/work with him in Sheffield? 4 1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Simon Jones (Lôn) [I0018]30/10/177426/4/1854
Mother Mary/Mari Thomas [I0019]176831/10/1852
    Brother     David Jones [I0032] between 1798 and 1799 1/1833
         Edward Jones between 1799 and 1800 7/1846
    Brother     Thomas Jones [I0034] between 1800 and 1801 1/6/1847
    Sister     Jane Jones [I0035] between 1803 and 1804 5/1833
    Brother     Simon Jones (Bala) [I0009] 1805 21/2/1873
    Sister     Margaret Jones [I0036] between 1808 and 1809 8/1832
    Sister     Mary Jones [I0037] between 1811 and 1812 4/1837