Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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  1. https://biography.wales/article/s-WILL-JOH-1754
    1. Birth, John Williams [E0948]
    2. John Williams [I0407]
    1. Buried in Llaniestyn churchyard, near the east wall. [E0883]
    2. Jane Evans [I0391]
    3. Minister of some nature. [E0881]
    4. Robert Albert Jones [I0133]
    5. John Jones [I0195]
    6. Robert Jones [I0385]
    7. B.A. with first class in Mathematics. [E0380]
    8. Daughter of Richard Griffiths, one of William Prichard (1702 - 1773) of Clwchdernog's servants, the niece of Morris Griffiths, (1721 - 1769), and the grand-daughter of Francis Evans of Cae'r Tyddyn [E0888]
    9. Barrister. Called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, 7 May 1879, but may have moved to Liverpool shortly afterwards. [E0378]
    10. Death, Harriet Agnes Thompson [E0184]
    11. Magdalen Prichard [I0386]
    12. Marriage, Family of Robert Jones and Magdalen Prichard [E0884]
    13. Death, Robert Albert Jones [E0278]
    14. Calvinistic Methodist exhorter and author of the "first hymn-book used by the Calvinistic Methodists in North Wales; and, finally, Drych yr Amseroedd [ 1820; unavailable online ], a description of the Methodist revival in Wales and its effects. This last book is his masterpiece; the writing is terse, the descriptions are lively, and it is permeated with the fervour of the revival." [E0887]
    15. Son of John and Margaret Williams of Suntur, Llanystumdwy, Caerns. [E0882]
    16. Harriet Agnes Thompson [I0090]
    17. Birth, Robert Albert Jones [E0379]
  2. https://biography.wales/article/s-THOM-ROB-1809
    1. Ellis Thomas [I0464]
    2. Birth, Ellis Thomas [E1083]
    3. Death, Ellis Thomas [E1084]
    4. Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan) [I0416]
    5. In May 1830, RT moved to Oswestry to work for the Calvinistic Methodist minister/blacksmith Edward Price (1797-1887). (In Oswestry 1828-37, EP had shod cattle for drovers at Llangwm, recited Twm o'r Nant interludes (see Wild Wales), learnt sermonising listening to Thomas Charles.) Despite being an Independent, RT joined the Welsh-speaking Calvinistic Methodists in 9/1830 until Xmas Day 1833 when he had learnt enough English went over to the Independents with Thomas Jenkyn. [E0979]
    6. Death, Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan) [E0977]
  3. https://biography.wales/article/s-WILL-WIL-1717
    1. William Williams [I0404]
    2. Birth, William Williams [E0947]
    3. William Williams [I0406]
    4. Mary Francis [I0405]
    5. Death, William Williams [E0943]
    6. Anglican curate. [E0946]
    7. Marriage, Family of William Williams and Mary Francis [E0945]