Animated monkey

As you can see in the photo of the monkey under construction he sits on a circular ply board that is attached to a bar the other end of which runs in a gear-driven eccentric self-aligning bearing which rocks him with a circular motion. This motion is continuous and draws attention to him. If a coin is inserted into the slot he raises his hat, wiggles his feet and raises a notice from a slot in the base which says ‘Thank You’.

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    MG posted this C15th verse the other day, and D suggested but didn’t provide music:

    Bring us in good ale, and bring us in good ale,
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    Bring us in no browne bred, for that is made of brane;
    Nor bring us in no whit bred, for

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    QE1 once sent an organ avec grinder but sans monkey to Sultan Mehmet, but I don’t think anything good came of it–at any rate, there’s not much Orlando Gibbons being played in Istanbul these days.

    Biciclown, the excellent Álvaro Neil, is in Istanbul at the moment. Here’s one of his promotional videos:

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    (I once met a Tangier man who claimed to own a Barbary ape called Lisa, but let’s not go there, or here either.)

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