site changes

Just a warning that the site may be even more chaotic over the next couple of days. This is because I’ve taken a deep breath and decided to do stuff like kick out virtually all non-data tables in favour of CSS2-based layouts (= quicker site + more display/media options) and switch to UTF-8 (= more efficient presentation of non-standard characters). I’m going to start tonight and I’ll tell you when I think I’ve finished.

update (i)

I’ve done all the site apart from the sections called blog and calendar. It seems to render OK on NN7.1, IE6.0 and Moz1.5 with Windoze98, but please tell me if the layout is all over the place on your setup, including the number of your account on Grand Cayman.

update (ii)

Main blog page kind of done and linked to template, as it should have been at the start of all this.

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  1. Excellent. While you’re at it, could you change the way your rss is configured, to include the whole entry and not just the first 20 words? I think it’s in the moveable type preferences/ intro length. If you set it at something huge, eg 20000, it’ll include the whole intro in my reader and make my reading of Baldie that much swifter. Ta muchly.

  2. I’ll probably rig up two feeds, one full content (inc images) with a cutoff at a certain point and the other a summary. Bandwidth will probably come into consideration at some stage, he said naively.

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