Anti-social networks

Seriously, if I write this blog in Portuguese, will someone invite me onto Orkut? Or am I better off just heading down the Brazilian bar down the street? All these do-good schemes always end up in trouble – just check the story of rioting at the Forum over in Lorna’s Shorts.

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  1. LS, of course, rejects anti-Forum riots , although she can’t help wondering how the police didn’t notice – it was announced all over the place in advance. That’s a big coup for the nutters.

  2. If you really want an invite, I can pass one on. I hear it’s not as successful as Friendster, which is supposedly the social networking site of choice for local expats who want to shag American exchange students.

  3. Oh dear no. I rather like the fact that I still haven’t made a single friend online, or even married a lady from Kiev.

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