Sod the costa

Nick Lloyd is posting literary references to the miserable state of the costa. I believe that we should learn to accept that it is destined to be repeatedly laid waste by entrepreneurs:

Everyone … could see with their own eyes the desolation of the Spanish, French, and Italian coasts, thanks to the pertinacious infestation of these pirates: the wretched beaches, the abandoned islands, the shacks [reduced to] ashes, the fishermen in flight, and the vessels of the Barbarian rovers loitering about on the sea. (Guglielmotti, Storia della Marina pontificia, quoted Bono, Corsari barbareschi, quoted Robert C Davis, Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters)

Tweaked, this description applies just as well today as it did in the C17th, so let’s forget the Levant and try to save something of the Pyrenees, currently being Benidormised at a rate of knots by councillors who tuck construction bribes into their pockets while making speeches about the nation and how everything is Spain’s fault.

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