Plus ça change…

I don’t normally read David de Ugarte, but this is strange:

Las asociaciones de periodistas declaran como objetivo “luchar contra el intrusismo profesional”, conocidos comunicadores braman contra “los que pretenden hacerse pasar por periodistas” en la web y nuestras saturadas facultades alertan a sus estudiantes de que sus futuros puestos de trabajo están en peligro no porque el modelo informativo del siglo pasado esté en crisis, sino porque hay quien hace periodismo sin ser periodista.

The weird thing is that he doesn’t link to evidence, nor does he seek to provide it in any other fashion, nor does there seem to be any evidence elsewhere for what he’s saying–all I could find was that “El colegio de médicos de Bizkaia ha creado una web para luchar contra el intrusismo profesional“, which is rather different. In fact, my impression was that this was not so much about journalism as about an urgent desire on his part to promote some new subscription-based news site. If I weren’t such a generous-hearted and loving person, I’d be tempted to comment: “New journalism, my ar*e”.

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  1. You’re right, in this case he is inventing “old media=bad” to market his “new media=good” product

  2. By the other hand, as far as I know, Ugarte has no subscription based news site, the one his collegues own ( its free and no registration its required.

  3. @ML1: Rubbish. He produces absolutely no evidence for his claim that journalism unions are conducting a campaign to root out those who make themselves out to be journalists. That’s lazy, Aunt Sally writing. @ML2: It says “Subscribe”, but otherwise you’re correct.

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