Witch doctor impersonator implicated in money laundering

Yet another fascinating case from the Limbe magistrates, Cameroon.

A client of a friend once fell for the Nigerian 419 scam, flew all the way there and was chauffeured to a government office, where he was robbed of $50K. However, this kind of stuff doesn’t just happen to East Asian millionaires.

Limbe Magistrate Court in Cameroon is currently hearing what is either an extremely complex case or an attempt to set a new Guinness collective lying record. It is being alleged that one Rachel Halman stole a large amount of cash from the local treasury, money which she claims (I think) came into her possession as the result of the intervention of a fake witch doctor, one Mafany, during a taxi ride from home to work one morning.

This is one I’m going to follow, although the disadvantage from a dramatic perspective seems to me that the Nigerian cleansing powder has been introduced AND used in Act I. In a conventional plot we would overcome this by providing some development of the husband’s character in Act II and a “surprise” end, but in this instance I fully expect the exposition to continue right to the bitter end.

OK, it was me.

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