Napoleon couldn’t write French

“I am dying before my time, murdered by the English oligarchy and their hired assassin. The English people will not delay in avenging me.”

Aragonese expansionism

If Carod cracks you up, then you should enjoy this phony Aragonese Great Aragon manifesto, which starts by calling for “immediate compliance with the first testament of Jaime I (1244), which established the eastern frontiers of the kingdom along the river Segre, with the inclusion of Lerida in the kingdom of Aragon” and later demands…

India-Morocco talks

Which country do you think will have larger IT earnings from the Maghreb in two years time, Spain, France or India? (Main story.)

Host fukc-up

Sorry for the absence over the past few days. My host, Pipex, took down their Bismuth server on Sunday night “for emergency repairs”, something that has been happening a lot recently. Although they finally got it back up 36 hours later with a backup from Friday morning(!!!), they’ve only just fully restored the databases–to their…

Baldie, climbing high

One of my slower readers, the Viennese-Albertan translator (see Sermon on the nount), is celebrating my demise a mite too soon.

Good word

According to Gerald Warner, Kofi Annan’s “coat is now hanging on an extremely shoogly nail.”

Socialists preaching inequality

Spanish socialists were against the Iraq war because they don’t think it important that other people should be able to enjoy the same basic freedoms we do, soon. José García Domínguez on new domestic PSOE-speak: “Inequality is demanded by university lecturers in their struggle to avoid evaluation. Inequality is demanded by students who want grades…