“Falangism is Syndicalism!”


A friend shares a Pyrenean hamlet with a couple of keen boarhunters, who keep their hounds savage by not feeding them very much. On Saturday she took pity on a puppy and gave it something to eat. When we spoke this morning her voice was almost drowned out by some 30 ravenous beasts howling outside…

Transatlantic support for terror

Via Barcepundit: Idaho Basques > ETA / urban Irish > IRA / Muslims > Hamas “Nostalgia brigade”: European Military Historical Society > ?

Iberian education

Spain is just below the OECD mean on both GDP per capita and learning skills. Catalonia, being a rich region, is slightly better than the national average and does worst in reading skills, probably because half the population are prevented from learning in their mother tongue. The regional education councillor, Marta Cid, is incredibly proud…

Photos trouvées,

… on Argentine streets, here. Brings to mind the guy who used to carry photos of someone else’s family around in his wallet because he didn’t want to die with a nurse laughing at parents as ugly as his.