Dog meets dog

I love it when dog owners go on about racial purity:

Gammel Dansk Honselhund
The origin of this race goes back to around 1710 when for eight generations a man called Morten Bak (who lived in the district of Glenstrup near the cities of Randers and Hobro) crossed gypsy dogs with local farm dogs. So doing he established a pure race of motley white and brown dogs called Bakhounds or Old Danish Pointing Dogs. Local farmers called farm dogs “Bloodhounds”, although it seems that these dogs were descendants of Squire’s Bloodhounds, which in turn derive principally from St. Hubert Hounds (Bloodhounds). It is also probable that gypsy dogs are mainly descended from Spanish pointing dogs and other dog races of the bloodhound type like the ones mentioned above.

I’m going through a gypsy dog phase.

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