I move upmarket

I have noticed that serious websites have pictures of women smiling and men shaking hands.

Translators and Europe

Carlos Ferrero wonders in an interesting post whether translators see themselves as builders of Europe. At the current rate of budgetary progress on language issues, I think we (I do the odd bit of Dutch- and Catalan-English) may actually succeed in destroying it.

Campaign to get people to dance in Catalan

Non-resident kitsch freaks may enjoy some of the texts contributed to the Catalan language police’s good cop’s latest bizarre spending spree aimed at beating the language market. I used to conduct one of Holland’s last communist choirs, but even they’d have collapsed in a combination of laughter and horror at the Ecological Pasodoble. The following…

Fighting drunk

Last night we were singing at a function and I started needling the French alto about Trafalgar, so she hit me hard with the new “Brits only care about drinking, fucking and fighting” survey, and then we moved on to the “hey, well at least we don’t beat our wives” refrain. A few days back…