Campaign to get people to dance in Catalan

Non-resident kitsch freaks may enjoy some of the texts contributed to the Catalan language police’s good cop’s latest bizarre spending spree aimed at beating the language market. I used to conduct one of Holland’s last communist choirs, but even they’d have collapsed in a combination of laughter and horror at the Ecological Pasodoble. The following text is the kind of stuff real people like, and I hope to bring you a sung version shortly:

Lo vostre cul cuan cagau
Sembla unas castañolas,
Y per mol que sel torqueu,
Merda y queda per las voras.

Sempre mala cara feu
Cuan estau en lo treball,
Los costats envernisen,
Y semble que toque un ball
Lo vostre cul cuan cagueu.

Tan son los homes com las donas
Ningu sen pot escapar
De afluixar de caracoles
Cuan lo cul se vol petar,
Sembla una castañolas.

Crech que ningu sab greu,
Lo parla de merda y brut,
Y aixi olorareu
Y experimentarem cuan put,
Y per mol que sel torqueu.

Tambe los seños y señoras,
Que fan corre lo paperet.
Si acas van fluixos de molles
Com lo pas es tan estret
Merda y queda per las voras.

Source: La fiera corrupia, ed JM Rexach; previous post

The repetition of each line of the first verse in order as the last line of each subsequent verse reminds me of the rondeau redoublé, but there are many differences from the standard model. Anyone know any other verse using the same scheme as this one? How would you set it to music?

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