Dutch beer joke

Re this, this: A gent from Grolsch is in a bar with colleagues from Heineken and Bavaria. The Heineken man orders a Heineken, the Bavaria man a Bavaria, and the Grolsch man a glass of urine. “Why don’t you get a Grolsch?” the others ask. “Well you’re not drinking beer either,” says the man from Enschede.

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Last updated 04/03/2019

This post pre-dates my organ-grinding days, and may be imported from elsewhere.

Enschede (17): Enschede, West Frisian: Ynskedee), also known as Eanske [ˈɛːnskə] in the local dialect of Twents, is a municipality and a city in the eastern Netherlands in the province of Overijssel and in the Twente region.

Kaleboel (4331):

Netherlands (75):

Twente (29): Twente is a non-administrative region in the eastern Netherlands.


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