March tweets

More Czechs, Spike Jones, Brexit, burning Guy, Child Ballads, copyright, Robin Hood’s two pricks, and so on.

Tatraplan by Blahoslaw Rozboril & Josef Daňka at the Pražák Palace bit of the Moravian Gallery in Brno.

“Virginity is an overrated virtue”

Granddad’s Armistice in letters and recollections. Glimpses ante hoc of Cameronians & Royal Scots (52nd Division) in the Eastern Mediterranean and on the Somme; of ambulance trains in Northern France; of 6th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment (11th Division) during the terminal Hundred Days Offensive to Mons, Belgium; and post hoc of base hospitals, influenza, and an exchange with one Wolfram Sterry regarding his brother Karl. Introducing Kandy the Maltese terrier.

No early photos so far from the steel boxes, so here's grandpa with grandma at Winchester Cathedral in 1972.

Sábado canto con un coro holandés en las plazas de Gracia para Oxfam

Sábado día 6 no habrá sesión a las 18:00, pero sí entre 11:30 y 13:30 en las plazas de Gracia. La haré con De Potters (literalmente “Los Alfareros”), un coro de un pueblo holandés culturalmente hiperactivo que dirigía hace varios años. El objetivo, sin embargo, es llamar la atención a un evento de Oxfam, y…

Pooch-pigeon porn preview

I was having a chat about stuff with Pete Doherty this morning, and he tells me that because of the common genetic ancestry of most of the races of the Milky Way galaxy, many species are able to interbreed with or without the help of genetic technology. In fact dogs and doves are quite similar,…