Better a beach fag than a punk

… suggests Nando Caballero here. A certain Bakunin comments below that the same thing happened to us (coral de la guasa = “humorous choir”, kind of) during a July concert in Barcelona. However, the highlight was not the hassle we did indeed get off the liberhairians, but a drunk who climbed on stage and started making his way towards me and my delicious yellow frock.

I’d drunk as much as I could of the group’s beer ration beforehand, and at that moment we were doing something with bananas, so I came to the immediate and compelling conclusion that the best course of action was to lob my banana, catching Señor Wobbly Knees on the forehead and knocking him off the stage, then kick a monitor on top of him to crush him to death, spit on his remains, and be back in my place in time to count off the next number.

Unfortunately the banana just skimmed the top of his head; fortunately two heavies got to him before his eyes uncrossed.

Who needs Carnegie Hall?

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