Silly me: I thought you were meant to paint fascist graffiti on fascist memorials. There must be some branding issue. (The definition I use is roughly the same as the American Heritage one: statist + nationalist + anticonstitutionalist.)

Smooth operator

Franco Alemán points out that Google (correctly) translates “Fidel Castro” as “Fidel I castrate”. No less sensationally, it turns out that “Fidel” is actually a French acronym for “Fichier informatique départemental pour études locales”, “Departmental computing file for local studies”.

74% say French-style rioting could happen here

See 20minutos. I thought we’d get trouble last year when, during what was allegedly a drugs raid, a member of the regional police force, the Mossos, gave a Moroccan an execution-style neck-shot. The police then lied about what had happened, and the Catalan interior councillor, Montse Tura, tried to prevent a proper investigation by another…