74% say French-style rioting could happen here

See 20minutos. I thought we’d get trouble last year when, during what was allegedly a drugs raid, a member of the regional police force, the Mossos, gave a Moroccan an execution-style neck-shot. The police then lied about what had happened, and the Catalan interior councillor, Montse Tura, tried to prevent a proper investigation by another force and complained about a judge opening his own enquiry.

Young Maghrebi men create appalling problems for their fellow-citizens and the police, but it has to be said that the police have no serious training in dealing with people of different backgrounds and are often openly and violently racist. Most bizarre incident witnessed: A bunch of police have a Moroccan on the ground. Have you got a job, asks one. No, says the man on the ground. Shoot him, says the cop to a colleague. I said to a cop I know that this was Rodney King all over. No, he explained, what happened in LA was racism, but these Moors have it coming to them.

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