Here are photos of the Wiebe bus. Can I have this side, please? (Here‘s the Stroadlfest brochure, for if you’re in Oldenzaal 31/12.)

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    It’s difficult to conceive of figures with blue eyes and blond hair populating Gustav de Smeet’s Amsterdam. I think this is actually an Amsterdam as it might have been re-imagined by the considerable numbers of people of Mediterranean descent who live there and in the other great ports along that coast.

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    The Sagrada Familia is …

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    Aleshores segueix en el dialecte saborós de Twente: “Si, aleshores podria anar amb tu.”

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    The Telegraph is publishing ((free) login required) the wartime recollections of WF Deedes, who passed through Hengelo and, one assumes, Oldenzaal on his way to Germany with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps in 1944-5.

  • Pegida Nederland ≠ NSB, Syriërs ≠ Tsjechen, Assad ≠ Hitler etc. etc.

    Maar dit artikeltje van 7 april 1939 over een clandestiene zender in Oldenzaal blijft toch interessant.


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