Bush is worse than …

‘“Bush is worse than Stalin” -Hitler’ gets 30 ghits while ‘“Bush is worse than Hitler” -Stalin’ gets 822. Is this because the people who make this kind of comparison (a) haven’t heard of Stalin; (b) think Stalin was uniquely awful, an ÃœberBusch; or (c) think Stalin was actually a nice guy with some bad press? My money’s on (c).

(Classics in Contemporary Culture has a metapost on whether Bush is worse than Augustus Caesar. As usual, I’m firmly on the wild side: Pannonian rebel leader Bato, in a chat with Tiberius, blamed the Romans for the war “as ye send wolves, instead of dogs and shepherds, to take charge of your flocks” (Lynam, History of the Roman Emperors); Bush’s position on wolves is well-known, and even Bush dog stayed home.)

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