BBC: ETA “blamed” for killings

Neither the terrorists themselves nor anyone else is in disagreement about who murdered 851 fellow citizens, injured thousands more, and drove tens of thousands from their homes over the past 38 years, but the BBC has some lingering doubts:

Eta is blamed for killing more than 800 people in its four-decade fight for independence for the Basque region of northern Spain and south-west France.

The BBC seems to have consistent problems in telling the whole truth when it comes to ETA. Why else, on this page, describe them as “armed” and “separatist”, but not “terrorist” or “gangster”, which beyond a shadow of doubt they are, and which to the vast majority of people are their defining characteristics? Why, on a linked page, call them “separatist militants” and gloss their extorsion and firebombing of businesses and their campaign of killing and terror against democrats as merely “40 year fighting for independence”? Why do editors not have the honesty to credit the author of this shite?

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