Working like Trojans/niggers

Don Jaide over at Rasta Livewire thinks they’re closer than most others do. If Bill Clinton’s black, then I see no reason why Helen of Troy shouldn’t be too, irrespective of what the original texts actually say.

Moors in early C20th Spain

I know much more about Maghrebis and Africans in colonial Spain than in the period up to 1936 and I’d like to correct that. Any books or articles out there? I’d be most grateful if you’d talk to me here.

Mariachis in Barcelona

A kick in the goolies for narrow-minded gits who want some kind of flag-wrapped municipal ordnance to prevent entartete sombreros and Osborne bull t-shirts being sold down the Ramblas in what you can just about get away with calling pakishops (check Gwyneth Dunwoody vs Eric Forth on retail opening hours): Barcelona’s second mariachi festival. (Useful…

Wheelchair walks

I did my first Follow The Baldie wheelchair outing the other day without anyone getting killed or alarmingly drunk. I think this makes me the first walking provider in Catalonia to cater for this market, and all without a cent of public money. (I used this The Ramblers limited mobility info as a starting point…