Spanish online second hand book prices: Uniliber vs Abe Books/IberLibro

A post by Mr Millán reminds me that a couple of weeks ago I received flyers for the new combine, Uniliber, from a bookseller in Bilbao. Here’s a head-to-head with its competitor, Abe Books/IberLibro, for a few second-hand books I want. I’ve gone for the cheapest each time and have excluded postal costs because, unlike…

St Max (Planck)’s day flowers

My old camera was stolen last summer by Chicago baggage handlers, but thanks to a handy tip from Pep Lamesa I’ve now acquired a ridiculously cheap Panasonic TZ1 with 10x OZ and am going to start posting photos again here, using Picasa for storage and Online Image Editor for online image editing (other editors either…

The Orotava Valley agricultural workers strike

Of no interest, except to Christian socialists, who may wonder if Mr Jesus was behind the distribution of supplies to strikers: OROTAVA, September 17 1934. (By telegraph.)- The Orotava Valley agricultural organisation continues the general strike begun August 31 past without an accord having been feasible thus far. The civil governor has kept the organisation’s… walk pictures

Over at señorita Charlotte’s place, with a brilliant review, at least if you speak Dutch, which ends “Trevor is THE man to take you along and have you experience all the ins & outs of real Catalan (country) life.” If only I dared to write that kind of thing :-)

Touch wood/iron

Re a reference@Amando de Miguel: that the expressions are interchangeable (“Capulino frotó suavemente el respaldo de una silla; acarició después el metal de un llavero, por expresa recomendación de Juana. Y sonrió.”, or here for the English) suggests that Frazer was wrong to point to iron’s novelty as the source of its taboo status. Intriguingly,…