Don’t shoot that hare

El Niño de Tetuán singing fandangos (MP3s or him and a superb selection of others). We’re probably talking early 1930s, but I don’t know where–Seville or Jerez seems more likely than Tetuan :-):

A esa liebre no tirarle
cazaores de la sierra
a esa liebra no tirarle
porque está haciendo en la tierra
madriguera pa ser madre
y es sagrao lo que encierra


Don’t shoot that hare
Hunters on the mountain
Don’t shoot that hare
In the ground she’s making
The burrow of a mother
And all it contains is sacred.

Hares are used in a variety of expressions, recalling the way they drop as they run and other surprising aspects of their (purported) behaviour, but this is rather special.

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