Justifiable absence

We‘re away for a couple of weeks, playing here and drinking beer here. Photos and Libro verde items will continue to appear automatically, and there’s always the company song to cheer you up. Will the last one out turn off the lights?

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  1. Hey Trevor, while you’re living it up over there in the Far North your party’s coming apart in a frenzy of internecine backstabbing that would make Macbeth appear as a peacemaker by comparison. So come back to BCN asap and try to talk some sense into the nuts of Ciudadanos or else we won´t be able to shake off the yoke of the Catalan Dictatorship for years to come.

  2. As chance would have it, your second-best party’s coming apart at the seams tonight. Well, in fact its Catalan branch has just been purged Stalin-style by none other than PP official stuntman Mr. Aveces, sent from Madrid to these here provinces on a terminator-like mission. So far he’s already got a major trophy, Joe Pique’s scalp. Next time you embark upon another foreign venture you really should make sure that you let them know in time. Apparently, the consequences of your absence can be devastating for the Right.

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