Improvised hair salon in village bar

Eating excellent omelettes and cold cuts and other stuff in a bar on this walk, in comes a stylist who was born in the village but now lives in the town and comes back every now and again. First she cut Mr and Mrs, and then A from Hengelo decided the opportunity was too good…

Baker’s in Gracia, Barcelona

–I’ve been coming to this shop for such a long time, and I still don’t know whether your name is Carmen or Carme. –It’s María José.

Deserd Avenue

One for the Correctors Union’s hunt-the-error day today. This torrent lined with Andalusian auto-construction on the edge of Planas de Vallvidrera is gradually being overrun by wild boar: I imagine things got rather like this when the Romans left Britain.

Hampshire village butcher

–From Spain are you? I’ve got a flat in Denia, very nice indeed. I get on fine with the locals. –In what language? –We’re getting quite good at the old Spanish. “Dos coffee con lechy”. That means… –I think I know that one.

Bar Mobi y Dick

The name is actually rather interesting. There’s a rule in standard Spanish that says that y is substituted by e before words beginning with i or hi, except when y forms the beginning of an exclamation or question, and except before words beginning with y or hie. However, I’ve never heard of a corresponding rule…

Bilingual bar sign

The Catalan public authorities have a well-publicised horror of signs using Spanish, but the language police don’t seem to have found this one yet, which, in an exemplary display of bilingualism, has the name in both standard Spanish (Los Cuñados, The Siblings-in-Law) and one of the southern dialects (Los Cuñaos):

Bar Genes, Guinardó, Barcelona

I’ve always kind of wondered whether this is kind of tribute to blue jeans/bleu de Gênes, but I’ve never had the courage to ask, mainly because if I’m wrong they’re going to think I’m fucking crazy.

School for scandal

The Delegation of Barcelona and Alt Penedès District Council are offering courses in rumour management for village politicians and administrators, says rural freesheet El Cargol.

Services from Generalitat Valenciana that could be process by Internet

The Valencian regional administration is known internationally for the contempt for the basic rights of citizens it has shown in the land-grab racket it runs in tandem with property developers. Contempt on a smaller scale is to be found in its internet portal, the few English texts on which make one wonder whether their translator…