Coffin Joe and the King of Persia

Off tomorrow midnight to Sitges to see this unusual item:

… with the gents who made this rather special thing:

Funding is now being sought for a Pushtu-Yankee zombie epic that will change the course of the Afghan War. Contacts via the usual channels.

As literary motif Zé do Caixão/Coffin Joe is a preincarnation of Scheherazade‘s benighted husband. Both abuse and kill women until they find the one who will provide the ideal conduit for their reproduction: Coffin Joe biologically by means of the perfect child to continue his line; the King of Persia culturally by means of the stories his last wife will surely tell about him. I suppose you could say that One thousand and one nights is about the circle commencing with {Word made flesh} and culminating in {man made Word}.

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