How a right-wing tree became a left-wing tree

Over at Crónica Verde, about the ongoing destruction by the Andalusian PSOE of the Doñana National Park. This is quite different from the abuse of natural space during the dictatorship because (all together now!) Franco was of the right, while Chaves is of the left, and the people’s friend to boot.

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  1. Trevor, could you pass the link where it shows how the Andalusian PSOE are destroying the National Park? I read the link you posted but that referred to two private farms planting Eucalyptus outside the park. Is that what you were referring to?

  2. Maybe the PSOE owns the Cochinato and Cerrado Garrido fincas…? But that’s not made clear in the article.

  3. Yeah. The article was a little disappointing with regards to precision. Makes the whole thing verge on rant. However, Tom, I can assure you that what you can or cannot do within or near the PN’s in Andalucía is entirely determined by who you know and not by any concerns of the ecological type.

    Built with a licence to renovate an existing cortijo and 9 or 10 km within the park from the nearest entrance, for example…

    Granted, the gentleman who built it had to deal with numerous stop-work orders and other bullshit from 2003-06. But, there it is.

    As king of the yellow press, Pedro J., says: if the PP had done to him what Felipe did, they would no longer exist as a political party in Spain.

  4. How do NP laws work anyway? I always figured that they protected the land within the Park… is there also a cordon of 10km around the park?

    BTW: that link you provided! I mean, the website’s enough of an atrocity on its own!

  5. The website is the usual – the work of some nephew who struggeld through year one of FP and whom you never have to pay. The owner, professional of the aluminum window guild, doesn’t care. In case you were tempted, the staff is mostly drawn from the circle of intimates, also.

    There’s lost of stuff you can’t do within 400 metres of the parques naturales. Lighting a barbecue stands out. As for construction, I believe the normal rules are that you can build only on the site of a previous building, amplifying it by a max of 50%. Below, and in testimony to the effectiveness of al this, is what until 20-odd years ago was the humble cortijada of Arroyo Frio, a few kilometres downstream from the source of the Guadalquivir.

    As to how the PSOE-A handles all this to keep it out of the press… The issue of building permits in Arroyo Frio bubbled up in 2002. The mayor of the municipality involved (later to appear employed in the provincial tourism burreaucracy, along with the ex-mayor of a nearby town), despite having won four successive elections, disappeared from the list in 2004. The town técnico was fired. The town secretary was able to retire for medical reasons.

    When matters get to the hands of the fiscal anticorrupción, everybody involved quits their public posts and finds work elsewhere in the pork barrel. When it comes to trial, all of the culprits have disappeared from public view, transformed into the far less interesting ‘former mayor’. The mayor in question here was recently convicted and sentenced to six months of inhabilitación for a post which he is never going to occupy again, anyway.

    The only PSOE people in Andalucía that get nailed in the act are those too pigheaded to take a hint and get out while the getting’s good. Hence, in reference to an earlier polemic, the relative preponderance of PP folks getting skewered.

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