Rubalcaba and the German electoral system

Josu discusses what the PSOE candidate might have meant and the possible consequences. Key para: De hecho, sii trasladáramos a España el sistema alemán “entero”, con reparto nacional, umbral del 5%, y con sus excepciones, resultaría que suponiendo unos resultados como los de 2008 (supuesto imaginario, porque la gente vota distinto con reglas distintas) ni…

Counting the corrupt

A numerate, corrupt mayor, some innumerate anti-corruption campaigners, and de Tocqueville.

100% of Spanish graduates interviewed (sample size: 1) said this <a href=''>abacus</a> was in fact architect's plans for a bowling alley.

Politics, the art of confusion

A borrowed verdict on the current public utterances of Spanish officials, and a suggestion that the Catalan national question may be about to be resolved in the same way it was in 1918-23.

The demolition of <a href=''>Puig i Cadafalch's symbolic four columns</a> in 1928, CC from <a href=''>Wikimedia Commons</a>