Misspent lunch with the birds

I hope to post interviews and analysis soon.

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  • idioma del imperio

    A widely-ranging post by Iggy on Blogalization analyses the bizarre request by epinions to a hapless user to rewrite “unhelpful” Spanish-language posts in English. I hope that I will have moved on before someone tells me to redo all of this in Mandarin.

  • Epic Occitan language fail

    With a brief moan re online editions of Lou Tresor dóu Felibrige.

  • Q: What proportion of the Hungarian population speaks French?

    No Magyar interface yet of Europeana, but Paris’ Hungarian partners may have decided to be good Europeans and shut up.

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    Early one morning, just as the gays were yawning, I met R walking down a boulevard in some fairly heavy rain with a big smile on his face. R is a literary man who speaks Hamburg German and either Tennessee or Missouri English–we’re not out on this one–and whose career has not progressed as it …


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