What’s so hard about answering an email?

–Hello, is that the Department of Tourism? Yes? Hello, a week ago I sent you an email asking if this Friday you could let me and a group in to see the crypt of blah blah blah, and I was wondering whether this would still be possible.
–Oh yes, I read the email.
–Yes, that should be OK.
Etc etc. I know that small town tourism departments exist principally to provide employment for Mr Mayor’s gay or retarded relatives–otherwise unemployable, due to the moral reserves of his buddies–but it drives you phucking spare. And now back to my inbox.

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  1. This doesn’t just happen with tourism departments. I often have to follow up an email a week or so later with a phone call, making an email in the first place pointless. It’s almost like emails don’t count as a form of communication in Spain.

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