Solving Africa’s woes with a simple parlour game

Desultory bar philosophising on the socio-economic function of Secret Santa.

X reports that his mother-in-law cannot understand the concept of el Amigo Invisible (Surprise Santa/lootjes trekken voor pakjesavond):

–How can it work, she asks, if Juan gives to José and José doesn’t give him anything back?
–Try thinking of it as a circle. Juan gives to José gives to Jaime gives to Julio gives to Juan.
–But what if Julio doesn’t give Juan anything (you know what he’s like) and no one knows who he was?

Y: This inability to distinguish ideas from objects is why Africa is generally unable to build modern social institutions. All development aid to both Africa Citerior and Ulterior should be funnelled into teaching Amigo Invisible until the population acquires basic proficiency. Have you read Alexander Luria eg Cognitive development?

Z: Hang on, Julio is a mean bastard.

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