If the earth belongs to the wind, then who does the wind belong to?

Property rights in the natural order of things, and the economic subtext to Zapatero’s cosmology.


In a speech in Copenhagen which many believed was generated with assistance from I Ching, Mr Hasbean said:

Seamos leales con nuestro pueblos, con nuestros compatriotas. Tenemos que lograr unir el mundo para salvar la tierra, nuestra tierra. Nuestra tierra, en la que viven pobres, demasiados pobres, y ricos, demasiados ricos. La tierra no pertenece a nadie. Salvo al viento.

Let’s be true to our people, our compatriots. We have to unite the world to save the earth, our earth. Our earth, on which live poor people, too many poor people, and rich people, too many rich people. The earth does not belong to anyone. Except the wind.

I think he’s saying that nations, and individuals to the extent that the belong to nations, have limited usufructuary rights to the earth, but that the wind either has ownership or has rights of use that constitute de facto ownership.

I think also that he is subsuming fire and water under wind, rather as some primitive cosmologists from the omnipotent and murderous Biblical hippy-shit tradition. There is certainly no generous pluralist Gaia-glow on this, none of your bloody Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings‘s “The Earth belongs to the wind and the rain, to the sun and all seasons, to the cosmic secrecy of seed, and beyond all, to time.”

In order to escape from this distinctly precarious situation of dependence on the whims of every breeze, we need answers to some basic questions. Questions like: Can we acquire more substantial rights over the earth from the wind? And if the wind is unwilling to negotiate, then can we talk to the wind’s boss? Who orders the wind? The answer is straightforward. God created Earth, and

Though Almighty God do not create a Wind for every emergent occasion, but the Wind is a Vapour breaking out of the Earth, yet the Ministration of an Angel may restrain, open, excite, direct or guide that Vapour to the fulfilling of those imperate acts of Divine special Regiment. (Matthew Hale, The primitive origination of mankind)

So, as reported by the lobbyists, Zapatero is God’s ministering Angel, restraining, opening, exciting, directing and guiding those vapours through the wind farms of the Chosen People. Not a bad opening gambit from Acciona Energía the Deity’s speechwriter on secondment to La Moncloa.

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