Jazztel mobile contract fraud

They use sales phishing calls to terminate contracts with other providers.

Jazztel Spain salesman rings and keeps ringing to say that he’s got a wonderful cellphone contract offer that expires at the end of the month. Client says she isn’t interested, but confesses that her current contract is with Vodafone and she’d like to receive a written offer through the post. Salesman says OK, but he’ll need her DOB, ID etc. She give these after receiving repeated assurances that she is not committing herself to anything, receives the offer (which she decides not to follow up), and a couple of days later discovers that Jazztel has illegally used the data to terminate her contract with Vodafone, leaving her ex-communicated. It would be nice but perhaps naive to think that other operators are different.

Update May 15: Still trying to recover number from Jazztel, which says at first that it doesn’t have any record of having taken over the number, then says that it does have it as pre-pay, and then says that it has a recording of a verbal agreement for a contract, while the client has witnesses who confirm that she repeatedly received confirmation that no contract was being initiated. Vodafone proposes that Jazztel issue a duplicate SIM in order to try to recover the number, but Jazztel says that it will have to charge for this and for release from the non-existent contract. The cheapest they can do this for is 3€ + IVA/month for all eternity. Total cost so far in hours and calls to 902 numbers: roughly 200€.

(This isn’t about me.)

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  1. Someone went on hands and knees begging her to do the same.

    Perhaps the worst of it was that she then went to the local Vodafone store to get them to repossess the number from Jazztel and they said, “Oh no, we can’t do that. You’ll have to call customer support.” “Can I do it from here? It’s probably 5€ a minute.” “Oh no, but you’ve got a Vodafone mobile so just call them from that and it’s free.” “No, I haven’t got a Vodafone mobile any longer.” “Sorry, can’t help you.”

  2. Possibly the same one. Are Jazzmóvil paying commission to get people to action portability without signing a contract? Strange, strange, strange.

  3. This happened to me in 2007 when I was living in Valencia. They were promoting their DSL2 service for faster internet. I didn’t even give them any information that they could have used to do terminate the Telefonica contract or start a Jazztel contract! Neither were in my name.

    We had internet downtime for a couple days because we were trying to figure out why our Telefonica internet didn’t work, along with countless calls that we ultimately got taken off the bill. The cost and the time that it would have cost to switch back to Telefonica was ridiculous, so we stuck with Jazztel. It turned out alright in the end because the price was a little bit better and the speed was a lot faster, so we got lucky.

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