Aragon public health service promotes margarine urban legends

An email including all of this ( yep the turkey too), was received via a Catalan preventative medicine trainer from an originator who signs herself “Servicio de Promoción de la Salud y Prevención de la Enfermedad, Dirección General de Salud Pública, Dpto. Salud y Consumo – Gobierno de Aragón.” The Catalan and Aragonese health services are bankrupt, but instead of trying to find new funding wouldn’t it be cheaper and safer in the long run to close down most of their services and give everyone a computer and cash with simple instructions on how to look up ailments and buy medicines online? If the professionals are too thick and lazy to work out Google, that doesn’t mean their clients are similarly afflicted. Jesus H.

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  1. Anything homeopathic is safe for your health, but it tends to be a problem for your wallet.

    I guess if you go for calling tiny differences insignificant you can drink methanol and call yourself a chimp.

  2. BTW – a serious point here is that there are plenty of people out there who believe the Flora ads and refuse to eat butter because something that natural can’t be as good for you as something that has been ‘engineered’ to be healthier (read: cheaper) than butter.

    Now I admit that I come from dairy land and grew up on a diet of butter and clotted cream. But that doesn’t mean I’m biased. It means I’m better than people who buy that disgusting rubbish margarine.

  3. While I take your point, I think it’s only fair to recall one of Max Weber’s early papers.

    Written in the late 1890s for the Verband der Bädischen Privaten Milchwirtschaft, and in response to mendacious and successful propaganda issued by Jewish poultry industrialists with an interest in molecular biology, “Butter and the Spirit of Capitalism” draws on his earlier work on medieval trade associations to suggest that, while butter is not in itself necessarily any better or worse for you than margarine, the critical state of mind that enables you to ignore trendy commercial margarine sloganising will enable you to get on better with a wider range of people, and thus get rich quickly and piss all over those shitty Papists.

    Towards the end of his career he distanced himself from such views and began teaching exclusively in Polish. When one day extreme right-wing students interrupted one of his lectures, he turned off the lights and a rafter of genetically modified robo-turkeys burst in and flapped the crap out of them.

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